Evie McRae PindsleHi there – welcome to Lorikeet Lane.  My name is Evie and I live here with my husband Mr P, my rescue hound Angus (formerly known by the RSPCA as Sebastian) and Feisty Fergie the cockatiel formerly known as Fergus (oops). We also have  4 crazy hens, Daisy, Maisie, Maggie-May and Millie. 

Between us (Mr P and myself) we have 3 grown-up kids who flew the coop many years ago. Mr P can be found gallivanting in the Middle East/India and South Africa (sorry working) when he’s not desk-bound in North Sydney. He works for a software company (which is actually where we met many moons ago). Me – well I’m an author, ghostwriter, feature writer and mentor (OK- I write all the things …lol ). I combine this with a healing and spiritual practice on our property here on the NSW, Central Coast, Australia.  

I guess this is a lifestyle  blog (if you want to call it that) but it started life as a visual diary for my friends and family back in Scotland (Aye – that’s right – I’m Scottish – and a proud Scot at that).  Facebook only goes so far and I really wanted to share my life with my nearest and dearest. Apart from anything else – they probably wouldn’t believe a girl who was terrified of spiders was now living alongside some of Australia’s deadliest critters – so I had to provide the evidence.  

As time went on people began to comment that the blog reminded them of the Good Life. I was going to say Mr P and I can’t really claim to be Tom and Barbara Good – but thinking about it – maybe there is a little of that Tom and Barbara spirit in us all. Maybe it’s a distant calling – that desire to step out of the rat race and become self sufficient – especially in these times of climate & environmental chaos.  The thing is I’ve never been known for my green fingers far less handling a 2.5 acre property, so this blog will no doubt highlight some spectacular ‘fails’ on my part too as I learn what it takes to run a place like this. 

That said there is something deeply healing and transformative about getting your hands in the earth or caring for the native wildlife and birds – so who knows where this adventure will lead. One thing I will say is a I feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect this little piece of land – and the more time I spend out in nature – the more I learn about myself, and the ways in which we are all connected.  It’s actually the perfect place for my writing and transformational healing work – I’m sure I’ll share more on that in this blog too.

Well that’s the introductions over. Whoever you are, wherever you are – and for whatever reason you’re here – I hope you enjoy my ramblings and please do feel free to say hi. Remember – by discovering nature – you discover yourself (for me that sometimes means screaming and running in the opposite direction …lol). Enjoy your time at Lorikeet Lane.