I like the wildlife baby

alpacaThe property is on the peripherals of the bush, though some mornings I swear with the sights and sounds remind me more of the rainforest. That makes for some pretty good wildlife spotting.

On our first night here we could hear a wallaby or kangaroo thumping around through the trees and we’ve been reliably informed there is a Guana up the back (Though I say ‘reliably’, these are the same people that told us they had never seen a snake ever in all the years they lived at the property – we’ve already seen two – a red-bellied black snake and some sort of tree snake). I’m thrilled to say we have already found the resident blue tongue who we call Russell.

Next door has an alpaca and chickens while our other immediate neighbours have cattle and horses, and while my dream is to have horses, goats and some small livestock one day, I’m not sure that’s realistic at the moment. We certainly hope for chickens and alpaca at least – and socialising Angus with such creatures is going to be a priority once we sort out all our boundary fences.

I can already feel the stresses of too much traffic and honking horns  ebbing away.