Happy Adoption Day

Angus one year on

It just so happens as I write this we are parted from the beautiful boy himself.  However, I’ve been blessed with photographs and videos sent from afar, showing how happy Angus is. One such video Matt sent us was of Angus paddling at the beach!

Paddling! In water! Joyous as this was, we felt like we had ‘missed baby’s first steps’ … Our boy normally runs in the opposite direction to water and quivers at the thunderous sound of the waves.

As is typical of all babies/children – furry ones are no different – they play up to your sympathies when you’re around. They manipulate you into cuddles and affection with sad eyes and heart-wrenching whimpers. They lull you into thinking they can’t possibly survive without you. 

And then they go off into the big wide world without you and they are perfectly fine! They paddle in the water, they play nicely with other children (uh hem…dogs). 

As with children though, this is the sign of a happy, secure individual. The ones that run off without a kiss or a wave at nursery when mum’s standing at the door a shaking, crying mess. You did a great job. They are confident. They are safe. They are happy.

It’s at this point I remember. One year ago today we brought him home. A tiny black mysterious bundle of teeth and ears. Happy Adoption Day Angus. I hope you have had the best year of your life – so far

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