A bird in the bush

king parrotHa – no I wasn’t referring to me but hey that could work.  This page is actually just a bit of self-indulgence on my part.  Every single day (particularly now the weather is warming up), I have all manner of feathered friends pop in for a visit. I do worry if Peter were to ever leave me to my own devices for a long period, that I would turn into some sort of mad animal/bird woman, but I just can’t get enough of these beautiful birds.

Again, I put it down to my poor deprived childhood in Scotland (cue the violins). Deprived of lemons and various fruits growing in trees in our garden, deprived of kumquats (even though I’d never even heard of them until 2 months ago) and deprived of bright coloured parrots settling down next to me for a chat.

I feel bad for saying the birds in Scotland are not exactly exotic – like I’m betraying the Scottish birds somehow, but TBH the seagulls have a serious attitude and are the size of a house. They do actually swoop down and steal chips out your poke (bag of chips). The oily looking starlings are cheeky little buggers with a swagger- gallous as they’d say in Glasgow (much like the noisy myna here) and then there is the Sparrow. What can you say about the poor sparrow? Beautiful in its way but a bit – well a bit dowdy to be honest (sorry sparrows).

It’s probably just a case of familiarity breeds contempt – but please – if you ever hear me, or read anything that suggests I’m so over lorikeets or King Parrots, you have my permission to give me a good slap. Anyway, rather than bore everyone on Facebook, I thought I’d upload some images here for your enjoyment. As always, do feel free to add your own witty comments.