Who are we and why this blog?

Well, Barbara and Tom Good we’re not, but we do like to think we’ve been blessed with a pretty good life. We are Evie and Peter and we somehow met and fell for each other, despite being born on opposite sides of the world. Peter is Australian and I am Scottish. We met a few years back in Sydney (at a works do can you believe?) and we’ve never looked back. I guess, we have many labels attached to us. We’ve both been married (some more than others), and we’ve both made our contribution to the human race in the shape of Toni (my daughter) and Matt and Luke (Peter’s twin boys). All three of them are the same age – not sure how we managed that – but there you are. They are in their early 20s and flew the nest a long time ago so I guess we’ve been ’empty nesters’ (uugh) for a few years. Where do these gross phrases come from? And I guess we’re not really what you call Millennials though I do think we are part of something – a change in how people ‘our age’ approach life. Put it this way, we’re not sitting at home with our blankets on our knees and we don’t plan to anytime soon (unless it’s for Netlfix and Chill – ha – I just said that to amuse Mr P).

The reason for the blog is simple. We both have friends and family on both sides of the world (including, Norway, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain and even a few discovered in Adelaide, Victoria and of course Sydney) and we wanted to find a way to stay connected, since many of them may never make the trip to the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. Facebook is great, Skype is great, but sometimes these communications lack the background or context to ongoing conversations. It’s hard to catch up on the last month of your life in one Skype call and it’s hard for friends and family to picture where you are if they’ve never visited. So that’s the main reason for the blog.

The other reason is to show our journey and, hopefully, to show that leaving Sydney and moving to NSW Central Coast was the start of something fantastic. You see we have big dreams for this property. For me, this place represents so much more than simply moving house and I’m sure that will become apparent as you read our posts.

I can’t wait to share our place with you, as we transform it and inject some love around the place. I think we’re ready for a change too. Whatever happens, I’m pretty sure it’s not just going to be a good life, it’s going to be a great adventure.

Evie and Peter x



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